Cutting his teeth in action sports photography around the world, Áedán’s strength lies in his agility behind the lens and ability to work efficiently in small teams. His work ethic and attention to detail have led him to establish strong relationships with leading international brands.

Born in Ireland and raised on the east coast of Australia, Áedán developed a fascination with the world’s diversity from a young age. He became enamoured by the camera’s ability to act as a conduit for dialogue with his surroundings.

Inspired by the people and ways of life he has encountered through his work, Áedán undertook a degree in Anthropology to deepen his narrative-making practice. Preferring a documentary approach to his photography, he strives to create authentic imagery that does justice to the people and environments his work encapsulates.

For Áedán, photography is about exploring connections, the interactions between people and their environment that create a profound experience.