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  1. Marketing Through COVID-19: The Brand Survival Guide

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    The Covid-19 Crisis is evolving rapidly, effecting businesses and livelihoods around the globe.

    As people self isolate, social distance and work from home, it is a time where consumers are actively engaged, spending increased amounts of time online.

    Normal business trade is heavily disrupted and it is a time where brands must authentically engage with their online communities to survive.


    1. TAILOR your product or service experience to the context of society TODAY.
      How can your offering be enjoyed in the home (or outdoors), in social distancing? Can it become an online experience?
    2. Think LONG TERM – this downturn in the economy WILL PASS – maintain ENGAGEMENT so when normal spending recommences, your brand remains front of mind, and possibly with larger market share than your competitors who may have cut marketing activity.